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State Representative Tim Butler (R-Springfield) today joined his 117 House colleagues taking the oath of office at the 100th General Assembly inaugural ceremony in Springfield. Rep. Butler stressed that this new General Assembly is an opportunity for legislators to refocus on the hard work ahead to pass a responsible budget and get Illinois’ economy back on firm financial ground.

“We’re starting out the new General Assembly with challenges that are unprecedented for our state. I don’t view today’s inauguration as a cause to celebrate, but there is cause to be hopeful,” Rep. Butler said. “The start of the new General Assembly is the start of a new opportunity to work together to pass a responsible, balanced budget and to tackle the issues families care most about: their jobs, their children’s education, their tax burden and what services they receive in return for their hard-earned tax dollars.”

Today (January 11th) begins the historic 100th General Assembly in Illinois. The inauguration ceremony gets underway at noon at Sangamon Auditorium on the University of Illinois at Springfield campus.  You can watch live streamed video of the ceremony here.
The Illinois House Tuesday unanimously passed Representative Tim Butler and Senator Bill Brady's resolution (SJR 57) designating Illinois as a "Purple Heart State", honoring members of the military wounded or killed serving our country.

State Representative Tim Butler (R-Springfield) has been selected to serve on the new Illinois
Bicentennial Commission, tasked with planning statewide celebrations to mark the State of Illinois’ upcoming 200th birthday in 2018.

"It is a truly humbling honor to be named to the Illinois Bicentennial Commission by Leader Durkin," said Butler.  "My family's Illinois roots go back before statehood; something in which I take great pride.  To be able to play a role in planning the commemoration of such a significant milestone in our state's history, especially when I have a relative who served in the First General Assembly, is truly something I cherish.  Illinois is a tremendous state and the Bicentennial gives us an unprecedented opportunity to tell our story to the world and lay the groundwork for a bright future."

Statement of Rep. Tim Butler on today’s signing of SB 2814:

“Supporting this legislation was not an easy decision, and I took to heart all of the comments I received on both sides of the issue. At the end of the day, it came down to two critical factors: protecting jobs and ensuring reliable power for our families and businesses,” said State Representative Tim Butler (R-Springfield). “The 87th District comes within 10 miles of Clinton and families I represent are among those who rely on the 700 good jobs the Clinton plant provides. Closing the Clinton facility would have a disastrous economic impact on Central Illinois.

I also believe keeping the Clinton and Quad Cities plants operating will help ensure stability for our power grid and prevent Illinois from being an importer of energy.  One of the main reasons our electricity prices remain affordable is due to the extensive network of nuclear and coal power plants which provide the base load generation we need in Illinois.  Taking two of these plants off-line would have a serious negative impact on our state's power supply."

On the day before historic Route 66 turns 90 years old, State Representative Tim Butler(R-Springfield) introduced  House Bill 6624 which creates the Illinois Route 66 Centennial Commission in an effort to lay the groundwork for celebrating the famous road's 100th anniversary in 2026.

"Route 66 is the most famous road in the world and Illinois lays claim to where the Mother Road begins," said Rep. Butler.  "The centennial of Route 66 will truly be an international celebration of this famous strip of pavement.  Illinois is uniquely positioned to welcome and entertain travelers from around the world who want to experience the magic of our scenic byway. 
"In an effort to plan accordingly, I believe the State should take a lead role in planning a year-long celebration that would foster activities and commemorations to attract people to our 300-mile stretch of 66.  That is why I am introducing this legislation today."
State Representative Tim Butler (R-Springfield) today applauded the new path Governor Bruce
Rauner set towards commemorating the Illinois Bicentennial in 2018. Executive Order 2016-10, signed by the Governor today, officially creates a state Bicentennial Office and streamlines the current Bicentennial Commission; a move Butler says is key towards a successful celebration.  

“The Bicentennial is a tremendous opportunity for us to tell the story of Illinois to the nation and the world,” said Butler.  “Illinois is truly a crossroads for our country, blessed with an abundance of talented individuals and a wealth of natural resources that make us the envy of other states.   I’ve pushed to make sure we don’t miss this opportunity to tell our story.”