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Standing against a substantial, permanent increase in the state income tax, Rep. Butler spoke about how  Illinois' high tax/poor business climate has impacted area families, including his own.

“Today I voted against a permanent, significant increase of the income tax in the State of Illinois. 

I am not opposed to supporting new avenues of revenue to help balance the state's budget.  Today's option, though, was voting for a permanent income tax increase bill coupled with a spending bill that was introduced just mere hours before consideration.   Even more dire than that, today's votes represent a one-sided end to negotiations when we need a compromise settlement to this impasse. 

The majority in the House had all session to introduce a budget that works for the people of Illinois, and they left it until the new fiscal year had already begun, then dropped a budget and passed it within hours.  This continues the decades-long practice of how Speaker Madigan runs the Illinois House.

The legislation put before us today does nothing to pay down the state's nearly $15 billion bill backlog.  It does nothing to address the outrageous amount of money owed to vendors throughout the 87th District. 

I want a truly balanced budget that is fair for the citizens of Illinois.  I want a state that is moving forward, competitive, and is creating jobs.  Today's votes did not meet that standard, and that is why I voted no.”
                                                                -Representative Tim Butler, 87th District
Rep. Butler issued the following statement in response to Governor Bruce Rauner convening the General Assembly for a special session regarding the state budget:

"I commend the Governor for doing what has not been done so far in June:  bringing the Legislature back to Springfield to hammer out a balanced budget compromise. Since the Speaker adjourned the House over two weeks ago, our State Capitol Building has sat silent in the midst of this unprecedented budget impasse.

"What we have seen this week is that the Republicans are taking the lead to end this ridiculous situation.  The balanced budget plan introduced by House and Senate Republicans takes the elements of the ‘grand bargain’ negotiated between Senators and attempts to move them forward in a bipartisan fashion. 

"I urge my Democrat colleagues to take this proposal seriously and work with us to move it forward.  The legislation in this proposal has been largely negotiated between the two parties in the Senate and the Governor's office has stated they will sign this plan.  This is the path forward to resolve the budget impasse."
With a desire to start a serious discussion about the many large issues facing the State of Illinois, State Representative Tim Butler (R-Springfield) has introduced House Joint Resolution 68 which would allow the question of calling a state Constitutional Convention to be on the 2018 Illinois General Election ballot.

"We have now gone over 700 days without a real budget in our State, and last week we once again ignored our mandated deadline to get something done for the people of Illinois,” Rep. Butler said. “I have heard so many of my colleagues, as well as citizens around the State, say that we need changes to our Constitution to truly move forward, and that is the main reason why I have introduced this call for an Illinois Constitutional Convention.
State Representative Tim Butler on Monday congratulated the 7th and 8th grade Hartsburg-Emden Stags volleyball teams on winning the 2017 Illinois Elementary School Association Class 7-1A and 8-1A State Championships. Players, coaches and family members met with Governor Rauner, and joined Rep. Butler on the House floor.
In the Class 7-1A State Championship, the Hartsburg-Emden Stags defeated Grayville in three sets.   In the Class 8-1A State Championship, the Stags dominated Bartonville in two sets to cap off their perfect season with their sixth straight State Championship.

“These young ladies and their coaches worked incredibly hard to achieve their goals. Our community is very proud of them, and I hope they are equally proud of themselves and their accomplishments,” Rep. Butler said.

To honor the Stags’ championship season, Rep. Butler led the House in unanimous passage of House Resolution 318.
Rep. Butler and several of his House Republican colleagues on Thursday announced the Administration's decision to rescind planned nursing layoffs at Illinois correctional facilities:

“Laying-off more than 120 nurses who do difficult and important work in our corrections system is something for which I do not agree. Since the announcement of these layoffs, over the past several weeks, I and several of my House Republican colleagues have worked with the Administration and have secured their agreement to rescind the layoffs and return to the bargaining table,” said State Representative Tim Butler (R-Springfield). “The next step will be for rank and file nurses to encourage their negotiators to return to the table as well. We have a second chance to work together on better, long term solutions to the issues at hand, including subcontracting. We must not waste it.”

Legislation authored by Representative Tim Butler (R-Springfield) to make a more effective and efficient Sangamon County Government passed the Illinois House today by a vote of 110-3.  House Bill 3521 would eliminate the office of Township Collector in Sangamon County.  

"The Township Collector office has become outdated and is duplicative of the office of County Treasurer," said Butler.  "The Treasurer handles the same duties of collecting and disseminating property tax dollars, and in many cases, the Treasurer is currently doing the job for the Collectors.  I applaud the Citizens Efficiency Commission for identifying elimination of this position as a positive step towards more efficient, streamlined government in Sangamon County."